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How can I think independently AND balance the imbalanced news?

Arriving at this idea to teach and inspire students to think independently and be informed has not been a short road. I’ll spare most details on this learning journey and share some, too. Essentially, I’ve landed here through my own experiences. … Continue reading

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Listen then ask. Living there, how might you feel?

What are some of the greatest challenges in education today? Dig deeper – In education, what is the most urgent challenge we face? I don’t have enough experience or initials after my name to give a definitive answer. Einstein’s thought, … Continue reading

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Striving for new, not forgetting the old, and opening an ear

It’s almost cliche, at this point, to say we can’t forget about it, but it’s true. Our greatest asset in teaching is the spirit we bring to the job. So, in answering the question have teaching and learning changed with … Continue reading

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Building new spaces, Breaking Down Walls

Classrooms, schedules, subjects, maybe homework, too – they’re all man made inventions for the classroom to produce workers – or, as I see it, walls from the Industrial Revolution type thinking that was once relevant to learners and educators.  These … Continue reading

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In the hands of the revolutionaries

After watching a video by Pierce Cook called This Will Revolutionize Education, it got me to thinking about our relationship to the different learning theories – connectivism, new Bloom’s Taxonomy, and constructivism – and my need to develop and sort … Continue reading

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