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Course 3 About Me

In doing this final project we’re left to explore what we learned during course 3 and put into action. I tried to do this by creating a visual that explains what I can do as an educator. In minding the … Continue reading

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Organized visual information

Infographics serve a purpose: They help us learn better and faster. Take a look at this infographic, for example: This infographic takes baseball, a sport often seen as boring¬†by the average viewer. If looked at in closer detail, as this … Continue reading

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A Social Act

I remember an interview where singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco, a Buffalo, NY native like me, said “Singing is a social act.” She went on to explain that it’s more than just one person involved. Stories are the same. Check out David … Continue reading

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Connecting with a story

I worked pretty hard on preparing for a presentation I was going to make in the beginning of the school year at my new school. I think ended up with three different versions.¬† I didn’t end up using any of … Continue reading

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Blocked view

It’s been an interesting experience exploring visual literacy in a place where we can’t access much of the images the world wide web has on offer. It’s taking me a loong time to download a photo I’d like to use … Continue reading

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Learning with our eyes

Getting People to Read Your Stuff It could be boring. It could be poorly written. Or, as stated in this article, we might not just know enough about how people read on the web. As a librarian, I really need … Continue reading

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Empathy in a Red World

Share. Empower. Connect. I’d like to take this post as an opportunity to investigate how my students here in China could or would connect, empower, and share. First, let’s address the great big elephant in the room… For the most … Continue reading

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