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In doing this final project we’re left to explore what we learned during course 3 and put into action. I tried to do this by creating a visual that explains what I can do as an educator. In minding the design principles we explored this course, and examining what I offer to a school – I gotta be honest – I fell short. I fell short in finding ways to define who I am what I do, and I fell short in creating a great visual.

I’ll take you through my journey.

The first graphic I created ended up being a little lame, and it’s on my COETAIL site now. I used Canva for the first time, which was cool – even though it’s blocked here in China and slow. I used the template they have and it was pretty basic. As a result, I got a pretty basic resume. I’ll say this, though. Even creating a basic visual, using a template take a whole bunch of time.

I wasn’t thrilled with result one. So, then I decided to tinker with some other sites to see what was possible.

First, I tried out Kinzaa. This was simple and pretty cool. They ask you standard questions, and then they build your visual, using colorful graphs and a simple design. Really simple and impressive. Check it out.

Then I used This was super easy and pretty cool, too.  All you have to do is give them your LinkedIn profile. From your LinkedIn Profile they create a nice visual. Here’s mine: You can tinker with it to enhance or simplify. I ended up not liking some of the things they put in there on the resume.

In the end, I decided to create my own, using visme  This is my course 3 final product (see below), and I will embed it on my COETAIL site soon. I was able to do it for free, though a paid version offers much more, and I used a provided template. It’s not perfect, but I do think it’s an improvement from the first one I created. I used more visuals, and to make it better, I need to go back and condense and (zen) simplify…

… I went back and simplified and simplified and simplified. In other words, I took out some of the pointless graphics that VISME offers. Their graphics are distracting more than anything else. I’m not even sure about the ones that I did keep. Take a look below (please) see the difference. Also, I played quite a bit with balance, using the tools they provide. Again, it’s easy enough. It just takes time to tinker with.

In a different direction, I have to add some personal feelings here. At a turning point in my career, I think, I’m left asking myself while doing this visual resume, do I really want to work in libraries anymore? COETAIL in some ways has inspired me to go back into the classroom. You’ll see from my resume that I’m really trying to throw the English Teacher in me out there on paper.

Perhaps, this self examination, though, is best left for course 4.

Created using Visme. An easy-to-use Infographic Maker.









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4 Responses to Course 3 About Me

  1. Cary Hart says:

    Mike, I like your infographic idea it is similar to what I was aiming for. I might even try the Visme site after taking a quick peek as I want to use more visuals and less text on my “get me a job” website.

  2. loved it, Mike!

    Infographics sometimes make me dizzy. It’s so much information, mixed with pictures and colors that I don’t know where to start or even where to look for. Yours, on the contrary, is clean and neat. Not polluted at all. Also contains all the information without exaggeration.

    Way to go!


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