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Blocked view

It’s been an interesting experience exploring visual literacy in a place where we can’t access much of the images the world wide web has on offer. It’s taking me a loong time to download a photo I’d like to use … Continue reading

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Empathy in a Red World

Share. Empower. Connect. I’d like to take this post as an opportunity to investigate how my students here in China could or would connect, empower, and share. First, let’s address the great big elephant in the room… For the most … Continue reading

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Together, delivering good citizenship

We (@drosenblatt @caryghart) created a professional development course to empower educators with the knowledge and tools to teach digital citizenship, use of digital connections, and digital citizenship with Gsuite. All hands were on deck, working together to create this final … Continue reading

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Doing it for the better

Digital citizenship is huge.What does it even mean? Why is it important? What does it look like? The breadth of this subject is overwhelming. So many of the topics we’ve studied in course 1 & 2 could fall under this … Continue reading

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Out of sight, out of mind.

Our digital footprints go back as far as our first emails, first Facebook Posts (oh my), MySpace posts, and on and on and on. It’s important for all of us to know about what’s actually out there – somewhere – … Continue reading

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Creating, sharing, and using – What’s the deal with copyright?

Connecting copyright with academic honesty and creativity – that’s where I begin. The three go together, right? But, how to connect these? I wrote this question yesterday… Today, I respond: firstly, you can connect these, by being an example. I … Continue reading

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